Our Vision

Anchor's vision is to glorify God by making disciples who know, love, and serve Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. In essence, we exist to make disciples who make disciples. A disciple is someone who believes the teachings of Christ, desires and seeks to follow His example, and is committed to His mission.

At Anchor Church we make disciples by building relationships. Relationships are at the center of the heart of God. He designed us to create, desire, and grow through community, so we’ve made it a priority at Anchor.

Everything we do is designed around building: 

  • Our relationship with God

  • Our relationship with each other

  • Our relationship within the family

  • Our relationship with the community

  • Our relationship with the world

The community of believers at Anchor desires to glorify God by living under the authority of God’s Word in our personal lives, our families, and in our church.