Song Playlists

Have you ever had a song from Sunday worship come back to mind in the middle of the week, and wish you could hear it again?  Maybe you’ve heard us sing a new song at church and you just want to spend some more time with it to let it sink into your heart.  Or maybe you would like the chance to prepare for Sunday morning worship by familiarizing yourself with the songs we will be singing.

Anchor Church is now using the music service Spotify to publish playlists of the songs we use in Sunday morning worship to help us prepare our hearts to engage with God.

Spotify Account
If you already have a Spotify account, click HERE to go to Anchor’s profile page.  There you will see all the playlists we have created.

If you don’t have an account, click HERE to create one.  Spotify offers a free account or a premium account (paid monthly subscription).

You can access Spotify from your web browser, the Spotify player for Mac or PC (download), or from a phone app (iPhone and Android).

How to Listen
Once you have created an account, navigate back to this page to access the profile page or any of the playlists Anchor has created.  Check back regularly to see new playlists.

Songs We Sing
Think of this playlist of as the catalog or “hymnal” of songs we regularly use.

Sunday @ Anchor
This playlist has the songs we will be singing in worship for the upcoming Sunday.