Want to be a part of Anchor?

Membership is an important part of church life. It expresses our desire to be unified in the purpose and work of Christ through the church. At Anchor, we believe in covenant membership because our God is a covenant God. A covenant formalizes our intent to serve together to accomplish the vision and mission of the church. 

If your interested in becoming a covenant member of Anchor Church:

1. Attend Anchor 101 
Anchor 101 is an hour interaction where you receive a lot of written material detailing the statements, strategy, and structure of Anchor Church. It also is a great time to sit down with our pastor and ask questions and receive immediate answers. 101 is held one Sunday per month as needed at 9:35 AM in the pastor’s office area, and is announced both by email and in the church bulletin. Please call the church office at (770) 554-2250 for detailed information.

2. Review and Agree to the Anchor Covenant.

3. Tell Pastor Steve or contact us here to let us know you’re ready to become a member.